Update on 12 goals in 12 weeks

coming to the end of the first 4 weeks of the challenge I thought this week would be a good opportunity to review progress. So far I have been amazed by not only how much you can get done in such a short period of time (and I consider myself to be an expert in getting shit done). But also how it good it feels to tick those things off the list and finally to see which ones you leave until last because they present more of a challenge. So following on from last weeks Q&A session and the great feedback on the 12 goals in 12 weeks this week I would like to know what you are putting off on your list so we can see how we can overcome it. Drop me a message at louisehmenzies@hotmail.co.uk with 12 in 12 in the subject and I will be in touch to personally help you with your goals free of charge.

Have a great week and get shit done while your young!



Q&A session this week


I have written this weeks blog from a spa weekend away in Cornwall and what a great weekend it has been. This certainly falls into the category of allocating time to relax and recuperate. But it also gave me a good chance to reflect this week I have had a number of meetings some for work and some with friends and family where I have been able to offer advice in relation to employment law, interview tips, CV formation and creating additional income. In light of this I have decided to open the forum to questions and queries to my readers. If you submit your question to louisehmenzies@hotmail.co.uk I will personally respond to give you free tips and advice. So if you are looking to get shit done and you need some help contact me today. Have a great week everyone.


Beating those January blues to get shit done

Beating those January blues to get shit done

With the first full week of work behind most of us I thought now would be a good time to stop and reflect on how we are doing. So far I am powering through my 12 goals in 12 weeks and will be ticking off some more items from my list at the start of next week. However I am also aware that I can achieve more than I have this week and am keen to make my next week the best of the year so far.

The majority of resolutions are set with the greatest of intentions but overlooking the need to set regular pit stops to assess what is working, what needs tweaking and a good kick up the ass for the things you are just not getting round to. Working on the other side of London this week with a long commute I had a great opportunity to witness the New Year droop which affects the vast majority of us. Faced with gale force winds and rain (England), a full week of commuting, working in a job we ‘fell’ into, several pounds heavier from Christmas feasting, a whole lot hungrier from our new year diet and broke because we got paid early…hmmm not good. I know that this doesn’t sound great but there is some happy news, that job you fell into….it is in your power to change it, those pounds you put on…can be gone by the end of the month, that hunger….well how lucky you are to have the option to be hungry or full when so many others do not have that choice and as for being broke…this is a great way to ensure you are creative with what you already have and creative with how to bring in additional income. Where there is a will there is a way….this is better it might not be such a bad year after all!

The weather I am afraid I can’t help you with, but It never rains forever. So by now you are thinking this is all very well but I still have a case of the January blues. No problem, let’s break that down and work out what shit we can deal with and get done and what shit we need to put away for another season. Here is an exercise which will really help.

Draw a large circle on a piece of paper and write your worries, concerns and troubles in there from the small to the large. Next get another piece of paper draw another circle and inside it a smaller circle. Again you are going to write the same worries concerns and troubles, but this time in the larger circle write those concerns you cannot directly affect and in the smaller circle write those that you feel action, taken by you can change. So as an example, I worry because a family member of mine smokes, I have told her I am worried about this my family have bought her tools to help her quit, the doctors have also spoken and advised her. However all of these actions have not changed the worry as she insists that she is happy to continue smoking. I have now realised and accepted that there is nothing more I can do about this, so it goes in my big circle. On the other hand I feel concerned that my fitness is not where it should be. For this I can join a gym, go for a run, eat healthy and drink water instead of alcohol. This is in my power to take action and make changes so it goes in my small circle. Once you have done this you need to put an action point next to each item in the small circle. A key point here is that the action point does not need to ‘solve’ the problem. If it does that is great, if not then at least you have taken a step to improve it. If you are broke right now then write one thing you can do to generate some additional income before the month is out. This might include selling items on eBay for example, cancelling direct debits for services you are not using or offering some helpful or professional services on http://www.peopleperhour.com none of these actions will make you a millionaire, but they will achieve a lot more than simply worrying. The truth I have always found is that most situations look better when you start taking action.

So here is my get shit done message of the week. If the start of your year didn’t work out quite how you planned don’t write this year off. As the old song goes…’we’ve only just begun’. Work out what you need to do, don’t give up and get some shit done today.

12 Goals in 12 Weeks

12 Goals in 12 Weeks

As with many writers around this time of year I have been doing a considerable amount of research on goal setting. Most people refer to these goals as New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately for many this is a term which has many negative connotations and expectations of failure. One of the main reasons why people find it difficult to fore fill these resolutions is that they neglect the opportunity to reflect on what did or did not work for them from the previous year. I would suggest that setting resolutions without first closing off the previous year with an honest review is much like going to the toilet without checking if you have toilet paper first, never a good idea. So with that in mind and in order to achieve the maximum from your goals next year, I propose you first sit down and write what you did and did not achieve from your goal list in the previous year.

Following this exercise I would recommend not setting goals based on an entire year in one large chunk. I would also suggest that generic goals can go in the bin to. If your resolution is to get fit when you are currently overweight there is no measurable or timeframe here. I (and probably you) am not sure when or how you will feel you have achieved this goal. If however you stated you would like to reach your goals weight of 9 stones and be able to do 20 minutes on the treadmill at setting 6 without stopping by May 1st, I would say you have a pretty good chance of making that and you will know for sure when you have done it. Many things can change over the course of a year and setting goals over such a length of time means that you are less likely to review your progress on a regular basis. The model I favour for getting shit done is 12 goals in 12 weeks. Many goals can be achieved, or at least sufficient progress made within this time. It is possible to lose a stone of weight, write the first draft of a book, save a third of your monthly salary, visit somewhere you have never been to before, pick up a new hobby or get the first sale in your new business within this time. It is also possible to get sod all done in 12 weeks, blink and it has passed you by. This is why I think this method is the kick up the butt that so many people need. If you get to the end of the 12 weeks and have achieved only 50% of your goals no need to wait until the end of the year, you can give yourself a good bollocking there and then and improve your performance in the next 12. Below is my list of 12 in 12 goals, I will only focus and review one 12 week period at a time and would suggest you do the same although making notes for future goals is always a good idea. I will update my progress here and would love to hear about your 12 week goals. Send me your link and I will post below. As always any questions please feel free to get in touch at louisehmenzies@hotmail.co.uk I look forward to hearing from you.


12 in 12 – January 1st – March 26th 2015

  1. Transfer £10 to savings for every goal achieved in these 12 weeks
  2. Connect and contribute to 10 other blogs – complete
  3. Post on blog a minimum of once a week –complete
  4. Redesign blog – complete
  5. Try 5 new foods never tried before – complete
  6. Reach goal weight of 8st 7lbs
  7. Complete 1st draft of book
  8. Wake up at 5am three days per week- 2/3 complete
  9. Write 5 handwritten notes to 5 different people – complete
  10. Take boxing/ self defence classes
  11. Create budget plan – complete
  12. Sell William and Mary at Spitalfields market – meeting booked

Welcome to getting shit done in your twenties

welcome to this guide to getting shit done in your twenties. My name is Louise and I have started this page with the goal of assisting you to achieve and develop your personal and business goals and aspirations. At this point you may be wondering how I am qualified to offer advice on getting shit done. I’m not. There is no getting shit done qualification but if there was one I am pretty sure I would have it. At the time of writing this I work full time as a consultant on management, employment law and recruitment in a number of contract roles. I have recently completed my CIPD qualification which I undertook at the weekends. I run a start up interiors business with my mum. I write, study business and psychology to degree level and act as a cambridge weight loss consultant.

Long story short I get shit done. It had never occurred to me that this was anything special but endless comments, compliments and references later it occurred to me that others may benefit from developing this skill and more importantly anyone can do it. Throughout this site I will provide tips, templates and guides to enable you to achieve more and make this year your best yet. I welcome you to contact me with any questions and comments and I will reply to every email sent. My personal address for contact is louisehmenzies@hotmail.co.uk I look forward to hearing from you and I hope you enjoy the site.